February 2017 Team Purple: We’ve been trying for months to start this update of Team Purple but could never quite find the words. We still cannot find them but would like all of the wonderful people who supported us throughout our journey to know what has transpired since last hearing from us.

Our world was shattered after losing our precious Oliver on June 27, 2015. We did our best to pick up the pieces, although there will forever be one piece missing.

On February 3, 2016, we did another round of IVF with one of the remaining two frozen embryos. Ten days later, it was confirmed…we were pregnant! This pregnancy brought much anxiety and we prayed every day that the outcome would be different.

Well, our prayers were answered. On Saturday October 1, 2016 Mike and I welcomed our baby girl, Eliza Hope, into the world. We are overjoyed and so incredibly blessed and thankful for this wonderful little girl. God is good…all of the time!



September 2016 Team Pink: Zoë is 1! We cannot believe how fast time has flown. Zoë is talking, crawling, so close to walking, and growing every day! She loves to blow kisses, wave goodbye, and is really sweet to her 3 beagle sisters. She recently started going to daycare full time and it’s been a wonderful experience so far; in just a couple months she’s learned so much and really loves being around other toddlers her age. We recently took a family vacation to Myrtle Beach and it was a hit! She enjoyed playing (and eating!) the sand, watching the waves, and swimming in the lazy river. She’s already picked out her Halloween costume and can’t wait to be Minnie Mouse! Becoming parents has been an amazing experience that has been so worth it!



13336100_10209608243070769_6126137753294400322_nSeptember 2016 Team RedLila and Grayson are almost 15 months old, and such little TODDLERS! They go non-stop. Some days they love to play together and others they fight all day. They are both biters, so we’re working on that, Haha!  They are learning new words everyday and love to talk. Lila is our little dare devil, she is always climbing, jumping or running. Grayson is a little more cautious, but he likes to try whatever his sister does and can usually keep up. This is definitely a crazy phase of life, but we are loving every busy moment!






September 2016 Team GreenGrayson turned one at the end of June…a year has flown by in a blink! Currently, at almost 15 months old, Grayson is walking and into everything…he is such a curious little boy. He loves climbing,  being outdoors, and getting dirty (typical boy)! His favorite foods are bananas, yogurt, Mac and cheese, chicken, PBJ, peas and just about any and all fruits. He is an easygoing sweet baby and even so young, he typically minds mama but keeps me running around after him non-stop. Life is crazy and fun and being his mom is the best job I’ve ever had!






Herndon with twinsFebruary 2016 Team Orange: Just a quick update: The Herndon family is settling in quite nicely! The boys will be 5 months old on the 2nd of February, where has the time gone? They’re full of giggles, rolling over, occasionally holding their bottles, and trying to sit up on their own! We are more thankful for them each day, but would love for them not to grow up so quickly! However, we like watching them grow into their own personalities. Thank you to all that helped make this possible! Stay tuned in in the years to come for possibly baby #3!