February 2017 Team Green: Ana and April have successfully completed their adoption homestudy! They are now searching for a birth family. They hope that 2017 will be the year they become parents! You can visit their website at www.twoadoptivemoms2be.com or their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/babypadoption .






September 2016 Team Red: We’re excited to let you know that we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby girl Gantz in February 2017! Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the support and funds we raised through The Race to Parenthood – with your presence, your generous donations, your cheers from near and far, and your constant thoughts and prayers throughout this journey we are well on our way to parenthood.

The details are that we underwent our first round of IVF in May 2016 and hit the lottery on our first try, which we could not believe! We had not expected this so had invested in the shared success program feeling certain it would take us at least a few tries! Thank you To Dr. Anish Shah, his wonderful staff, and everyone at VA IVF for taking such great care of us! Thank God for science and talented professionals devoted to making dreams come true for families in need!
Our warmest thanks to everyone for the love and support throughout this long journey. Our hearts are with our team members, other featured couples, and all families and individuals who continue to experience fertility challenges. We hope our story is inspiring, but we know the road is long and difficult. These announcements can certainly be bitter sweet, but please know that we are with you. You are not alone. We are praying for you and hope beyond hope that yours is the next happy story to be shared.


love-birdSeptember 2016 Team Pink: Two days after the 2015 Race to Parenthood we met Logan a three year old little boy who was up for adoption. After being placed with us on May 8th he was legally adopted in December 2015 making the Evans family complete. We are so happy he is in our lives.  We cannot imagine what life was like before having him in it.  He’s a wonderful 4 ½ year old boy who loves swimming, puzzles and pretending he is a superhero rescuing the world.    Thank you Race to Parenthood for your support and helping us create and complete our family.




img_20160711_060703September 2016 Team Orange: The long awaited for day had come, our first transfer. March 24th we did an FET with 2 embryos.  Seven days later, after testing and bloodwork, our dream of becoming parents was crushed once again.  We thought about taking a break but decided to give it one more try at the end of April. On April 28th we did another FET with 2 embryos and on Cinco de Mayo I caved and took an HPT that was positive. I went for our first beta Mother’s Day weekend to confirm pregnancy!!! Everything is going well so far and we found out that we are having a BOY! We are due January 2017.  There are no words to explain the feelings we have and continue to experience along this journey and are forever grateful for the race, our family, friends and everyone that has helped and prayed for us along the way – thank you!




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September 2016 Team PurpleOn August 12 we welcomed our baby boy Caleb into the world. It’s hard to believe how quickly he’s growing and changing! It seems there’s something new and different to see each day! Watching him develop his own sweet personality has been nothing short of amazing. He currently loves to eat, sleep, and stare at the lights and fans around the house. He loves to go with me for walks on cool mornings and watch the trees. Sometimes we get sweet smiles, and a few times we’ve even seen little laughs! We’ve always dreamed of being parents and now that we are it’s even more rewarding than we’d ever imagined. This sweet boy has changed our lives so much that it’s hard to remember what it was like before he was here. To everyone who had a hand in helping us create this precious miracle, thank you. We’re forever grateful for the race and the incredible people who have supported us and the other couples along the way. Dreams really do come true.




Kate and PaulFebruary 2016 Team YellowHey there! Here’s a little update from us: We can’t believe it’s been almost two years since our first Race to Parenthood! From the proceeds we raised in the 2014 race, we were able to try twice towards our goal of expanding our family. We used our remaining embryos (from our IVF cycle in 2010) for an FET and we did an IUI with donor sperm. Both resulted in chemical pregnancies. We found ourselves needing to start from scratch yet again…both financially and having to create a whole new game plan for family building. Because of a series of crazy and serendipitous events that unfolded, we found ourselves back in the race as a 2015 Featured Couple. Just when we were feeling all hope was lost, the race became our saving grace for the second time. Our second Race to Parenthood was even more successful than the first for us thanks to some amazing friends, family and even strangers! We set our sights on embryo adoption and delved into information about an entirely new family growing option. Again, through a completely different series of crazy and serendipitous events, we found ourselves barely getting our feet wet in the EA world, to meeting (online) a wonderful, selfless couple, making a private match, adopting 11 embryos and having the embryos arrive at our clinic. All of this happened in just under six months. We were able to do one FET last fall, which unfortunately, ended in an eight week miscarriage. At some point within the next few months, we will try one more time doing an FET with our adopted embryos before moving on to using a surrogate with our remaining adopted embryos. We choose joy and hope on a daily basis and are excited about the future, whatever it may hold. Our obvious goal is to become a mom and a dad, but if that doesn’t happen we are just as thrilled to be the most awesome, world travelling aunt and uncle ever. And yellow will always be our favorite color.