September 2016 Team GreenShortly after the race, Chris and I met with an adoption lawyer to discuss our options as we proceed further along in our adoption journey. She gave us many wonderful ideas of how to network and share our desire to adopt. We continue to implement many of her suggestions, including updating our Facebook page and blog While we haven’t had any leads or potential matches since the race, we are hopeful that someone will think of us when they hear of someone that wants to place their child for adoption. With our grant from the race and other savings, we plan to sign with a larger agency early next year if we aren’t matched before then.



13217307_10207778891523911_3648084115452974842_oSeptember 2016 Team Purple: Unfortunately it’s been depressing news for us…….we have had 2 failed ivf attempt since the race. we only had 3 embryos from the retrieval in May 2016 that made it blastocyst out of 23 eggs. The first round we put 2 embryos back and they both failed, and then did another transfer with our last embryo in july. Now we have to go through the whole process all over again. We are waiting on our doctor to contact us to discuss why he thinks it keeps failing. They may have to run more test to see if the is some underlying issues with me as to why the embryos won’t take. No miscarriages, my body is just not receptive to the embryos, but we have hope that it will work soon.






josh-and-justinSeptember 2016 Team Red: Since the Race to Parenthood 5K, Justin and I have been very busy. The summer seemed to fly by as I was preparing for a new school year at Patrick Henry High School and Justin was working on a promotion. As the summer began to wind down, Justin and I decided to begin the Home Study process with C2 Adopt ( We attended the orientation session at C2 and knew immediately that it was the agency that we wanted to use to start our family. The process is lengthy, including many appointments, papers to sign, trainings, and visits. Additionally, we have had to reflect on our own personal life experiences, which has been cathartic and eye opening.
The Home Study should be completed by November of this year at which time we will be looking to match with a birth mother for adoption. We’ve been chatting about our adoption more and more among family and friends. My family keeps telling us that they are hoping for a little girl because my nieces’ want another girl to play with. We keep telling them that we are open to any healthy infant, so we shall see!
Currently, we are putting our feelers out for any birth mothers that are considering adoption. Our case worker has informed us that most adoptive parents find a match independent from the agency so we are hopeful that someone may know someone who is looking for an adoptive couple. We look forward to what the future holds and can’t wait for this next chapter in our lives!



img_20160730_110335September 2016 Team Orange:  Ahhh where to begin. The race was amazing and we had a great turn out. It’s comforting to be reminded that we are not alone in this fight against infertility as sometimes it does get a bit lonely.

After the race finished we met with our fertility doctor and he suggested us going on a baby aspirin regimen so that the MTHFR mutation wouldn’t cause an issue when we got pregnant again and said that it could potentially help us to be able to conceive. More meds added to my daily regimen of synthroid, metformin, prenatal vitamins, and metanx but hey when you are fighting this fight you’ll try just about anything.

So that brings me to June. We were traveling for a wedding and I just didn’t feel quite right that day. I packed a pregnancy test with me because you always have hope that maybe this will be your month. Well imagine our shock when I took a test the next morning and it was positive. We were over the moon and definitely shocked. Since we were out of town I had to wait to get bloodwork done until we got back home. I must’ve taken ten tests during that time just to calm my nerves. Every test was darker than the last and I felt great. Our fertility doctor put us on Endometrin to help support the pregnancy which gave us a little extra boost of confidence that this was our rainbow baby. Bloodwork confirmed HCG levels were doubling just as they should. We were PREGNANT and so excited. We went to our seven week ultrasound and baby looked great. The heartbeat was beating perfectly and baby was measuring just right. A week later we went in to do our eight week ultrasound. I was nervous that day for our ultrasound. I think once you have a loss that’s just something that happens. We went into the room and she began our ultrasound. She was very quiet for the first few seconds, which worried me but I figured the machine was being difficult. Right about the time when my nerves started to get the best of me that’s when she told us that she couldn’t find baby’s heartbeat. Chris and I were devastated. We couldn’t believe that this was happening to us again. A D & C was scheduled for the next day so we prepared ourselves for that and began to heal from another loss.

That brings us to today. Well I’ll say that not a day goes by that we don’t think about both our losses. We found out that our second loss was a boy as well and that all chromosomes came back normal. That kind of news comes with lots of emotions because you can’t wrap your mind around why, if baby was “normal”, that this happened. However, we are moving forward every day and continuing to fight for baby Powell. We are doing an IUI cycle with injections this month. Our plan was originally to do IVF at this point but our plan has changed a bit for the moment. We are going to give IUI with injections three tries and then we will move on to IVF.

As always we are so grateful for the support system we have around us as well as for the Race to Parenthood. We would not be able to stand as strong as we do if not for the support around us.



unnamed-2September 2016 Team YellowWe are planning on starting the process to adopt embryos very soon. We are also planning to have a consult with Colleen Quinn to discuss adoption and surrogacy laws. We will be exploring matching services as well as looking at clinics where embryo donation is available. We are excited to begin the search for embryos!