Interested in applying to become a Featured Couple? Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you get started:


What is the Race to Parenthood 5k?

The Race to Parenthood 5k is the featured event and fundraiser for the Road to Parenthood, a volunteer run, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes infertility awareness, education, and support to help those who struggle on their path to parenthood.

The race raises funds for the Road to Parenthood which provides financial support to couples struggling to pay for the cost of building their family.


Where and when is the next Race to Parenthood 5k?

Our next race will be on April 21, 2018 in Richmond, VA.


When will you start accepting Featured Couple applications for the 2018 race?

We will be accepting Featured Couple applications for the 2018 Race to Parenthood from October 2, 2017 to November 17, 2017.


Where do I apply? 

Click Here for the 2018 application.


Do we have to live in Richmond to apply to become a Featured Couple?

What we have learned from our past events is that for the Featured Couples to receive the full support of family and friends, it’s best for them to reside within at least 60 miles of Richmond. By living within short proximity to the race location, the more likely family and friends will register to be a part of your team and join you on race day!

The Featured Couples will also be required to attend all race committee meetings for the 2018 race and for the following year as 2019 mentors. All meetings will be held in Richmond.


If we become a Featured Couple, when will the grants be available to use?

Grants will be awarded following the 2018 Race to Parenthood 5k. The grant funds are to be utilized for fertility treatments or adoption expenses incurred AFTER the race, and will not be provided as reimbursement for expenses dated before then.


How long do we have to utilize the grants distributed following the 2018 Race to Parenthood 5k?

Following the 2018 race, grants will be available for disbursement to the Featured Couple’s fertility clinic or adoption agency. Any remaining funds not used by December 31, 2018 must be returned to The Road to Parenthood general fund. Featured Couples may apply to the Board for an extension.


What can the grant funds be used for?

The grant funds can be used for legal, agency, and/or medical services related to having a child through fertility treatments, surrogacy, or adoption. The Featured Couple can request that their grant be paid out in up to two separate installments. (ie. a $5,000 grant: $3,500 to the fertility clinic and $1,500 toward legal services)


The application asks whether we will be prepared to hold off on our parenthood path until after the race takes place; does that mean we cannot proceed with fertility treatments, the adoption process, or even try naturally?

Any expenses incurred before the date of the event will not be reimbursed. If you become pregnant or a child is placed with you through adoption before the date of the race, you must notify The Road to Parenthood board immediately. Couples will forfeit funds raised if they no longer need them to complete their family, and those funds will be distributed to the remaining couples’ grant fund or used for the following year’s race, depending on the timing.


The application requires a personal statement from each partner applying, detailing their journey to parenthood. My partner and I are having difficulty deciding what to include in our stories. Is there a former Featured Couple that we could reach out to for assistance?

Applicants are invited to contact former 2015 Featured Couple and current Road to Parenthood board member, Crista Whitman, for assistance with this portion of the application. Crista can provide suggestions for what to include in your personal statement and answer any questions pertaining to this section. Crista can be reached at


We need help funding our IVF treatment, but might consider adoption. If chosen, can we use the grant for purposes other than what we originally apply for?

You must use the grant for the specific path to parenthood that was stated in your Featured Couple application. After the 2018 race, a request may be made by the Featured Couple to use the grant for a different purpose, accompanied by a letter from your fertility doctor stating that a new path is recommended. This change in grant funding will be contingent upon Board approval.


We would like to participate in our fertility clinic’s IVF Refund Program. If chosen, can our grant be used toward payment for this program?

Featured Couples may use their grant funding towards the cost of their fertility clinic’s IVF refund program. However, if at any time the Featured Couple is entitled to a refund from their clinic, the Road to Parenthood should receive reimbursement for the full amount of the grant before any funds are provided to the Featured Couple.


What are the responsibilities of a Featured Couple?

  • Promote the race to family, friends, co-workers, through social media and any other means to obtain registered participants and/or donations starting the date the Featured Couple Agreement is signed.
  • Be willing to share their infertility story as a means to promote the race and raise awareness of the public of the challenges faced by infertile couples.
  • Be willing to have their names, photos, and stories be used in race promotions through any or all media outlets.
  • Work as a race committee member, helping to plan and organize the race.
  • Attend all race committee meetings.
  • Support and volunteer the following year for the race and for the Featured Couples that follow.
  • Become a mentor for the 2018 Featured Couple that carries on your team color.
  • Generate and maintain team spirit with their team’s race participants through communications with social media, newsletter, email or any other means.
  • Follow-up their progress on their path to parenthood with communications to their team and The Road to Parenthood board in the months after the race.


When will the 2018 Featured Couples be announced?

In mid-January 2018.


Who will be choosing the 2018 Featured Couples?

Past Featured Couples and the Road to Parenthood Board will be choosing our new group of 2018 Featured Couples.

Each 2017 Featured Couple team will mentor the couple that carries on their team color, while helping to support, inspire, and encourage them throughout the process. This means that Team’s Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, and Purple will be even bigger than last year!

With the assistance of the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Featured Couples, our 2018 group will have an awesome Race to Parenthood experience!


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