Our Story, as told by Lara:

I married the love of my life and my best friend, Trey, four years ago. We met when we were freshmen in college, and I knew right away I wanted to marry him. We waited until I was done with grad school before getting married. Although we had been together for nearly eight years when we got married, we decided to put off trying to start a family because he was in the Navy and I was only working part time at my job. We were proud of ourselves because we thought we were being responsible and that waiting was the right thing to do.

My wake up call came in the summer of 2014. Something was wrong with me and I finally went to see my gynecologist. She did several tests, one of which was to check for cancer; this was the most terrifying twenty-four hours of my entire life. I was eventually diagnosed with PCOS. We immediately decided to start trying to become pregnant and I was put on Clomid. I never had a confirmed ovulation and never became pregnant. Meanwhile, my friends and family were having babies left and right and I was torturing myself going to baby showers, buying presents for the babies, and thinking to myself “What are we doing wrong?”

I was referred to our fertility specialist when all the doses of Clomid did not make me ovulate. In the past seven months I have tried Letrozole, which caused one confirmed ovulation, and three rounds of Gonal-F that did make me ovulate twice, but unfortunately did not result in a pregnancy. We have decided to skip doing IUIs so that we can save our time and money towards doing an IVF cycle.

We are already preparing to be parents. I have a “mom car” and we bought a house with enough room to grow into. The room next to ours is “the baby’s room” but there is no baby to put in it. I have my husband’s baby blankets to put on a crib that I can’t buy yet. My heart aches to be a mother.

In all of our time together I have always had a vision of us as parents; lots of kids running around, taking vacations to the beach with my parents and to ski with my husband’s parents. I imagine us teaching them about the world and how to make it a better place. How Trey would have to be the one to help them with their math homework because I don’t remember anything past geometry, and how sad and proud I would be when they left home for college. I can see all this for us; we are already parents, but without children. I fell in love with Trey for so many reasons: his sense of humor, his intelligence, and how he makes me feel loved and cherished. He has all those amazing qualities that great dads have, and it hurts me so much that I am the reason he is not a father.

We have two nieces and one nephew who we absolutely adore. We understand that there’s a chance that having our own family may never happen, and if that’s where our journey leads us then we will eventually become okay. We will learn to be all right with it. If that’s where we end up, we’ll just continue being the most awesome aunt and uncle for our nieces and nephew.

We need an opportunity to raise funds because I am a state employee and Trey is working on his MBA at night while completing an internship at the Virginia Housing Dept Authority during the day. Needless to say, we live on a strict budget. I wasn’t expecting to have any issues getting pregnant, but I had them all the same. Our insurance paid for a good portion of testing to get a confirmatory diagnosis of PCOS/infertility, but after that we were pretty much on our own with fertility treatment costs.

Our journey has been lonely, it has been challenging, and we have felt raw emotions and gone through ordeals we never could have imagined. Imagine our excitement when we were chosen as a Featured Couple for 2017! We are so grateful and so excited about this opportunity to raise funds for our pathway to parenthood. We are excited to share our story and to raise awareness about infertility.

Thank you to everyone who has loved us and supported us during our fertility journey. We hope to see you all at the race!


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