Our Story, as told by Stacey:

Mark and I were always excited about having a child. But after my 15 years of trying to conceive, we had accepted that this may not happen. Any of the less expensive medical procedures just didn’t work. So we focused on buying a home. In June 2013 we became home owners and we took possession in October. Much to our surprise, we spontaneously conceived a child the very weekend we moved in.

A lot of testing occurred during the first few months due to my age but we soon found out HE was healthy and doing fine. I had a wonderful pregnancy! It became very clear that being a mom was part of my life’s journey. Time passed with no real complications and in June 2014 our precious baby boy, Cooper, was born. Oh how he looked like his daddy!

We proceeded with life, including our child in everything we did. Cooper was such a happy little guy with an infectious laugh. He had finally started to favor his mommy! It seemed so easy and life was good. Then, that tragic October day occurred. With no warning he was gone. All of our hopes and dreams for him just gone. There was no plan for heartbreak like this. The babysitter had laid Cooper down for a nap and he never woke up. After a thorough investigation, there was no foul play. He had succumbed to SIDS. The next few months were tough. Who am I kidding, every day is tough! But we knew that with lots of prayers, love and time we could begin to move forward.

Mark and I have been on a new fertility treatment path since April 2015. One year later, we completed our sixth round of IUIs, all with negative results. We were mentally, physically and financially exhausted. Procedures, shots, and medications are expensive and insurance paid for very little. We stopped the medications and began paying down the doctor bills. We kept thinking that as soon as we stop trying, we would get pregnant. No such luck.

In October 2016, we visited our specialist to proceed to the next step of IVF. We are hard workers, but time is not on our side. We won’t be able to save or borrow that much for years. We have participated in several fund raisers since losing Cooper (10k runs, yard sales, silent auctions…) and have donated it all to the Richmond Children’s Hospital in memory of our little boy. We were so blessed to have Cooper for those 3 months and 14 days, we wanted to give back!

We have so much love and respect for each other and the love we could give a little one is immeasurable. We know we are destined to be parents and should the medical path not prove favorable, we want to adopt. Thank you Road to Parenthood for choosing us as one of your 2017 Featured Couples!


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