Green Team: The Polands

Our Story, as told by Ana:

April and I met in 2007 online, after a few weeks of e-mailing and talking on the phone we finally met in person and went on our first date. We married in 2009 in Niagara Falls, Ontario and the rest is history.

It wasn’t long before we met that I realized that I was gay and coming to terms with that was very difficult for me. I had been brought up in a conservative Christian household and my faith is very important to me. After reconciling my beliefs and coming out to my family, the next thing I had to come to terms with was the fact that it was going to be that much harder for us to have a family. Getting married and becoming a mother was the only real dream I’ve ever had. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19, so the odds were already stacked against me. Even knowing all of this, with all of the reproductive technology out there today, I never imagined it would be as hard as it has been.

We decided to wait a couple of years to get our household in order and continue to grow together before trying to start a family. Over the next three years we bought a house, continued to grow in our careers and grew even stronger as a couple. We had our consultation with an RE in early 2012 and then started the tedious task of finding a sperm donor.

We wanted to find a donor that had similar characteristics to April since I would be the one carrying. We poured through tons of profiles before finding “the one”. We placed our order and a couple of months later got lined up for our first IUI. I have to admit that part of me thought we would be one of the lucky ones that got pregnant on the first try. That first two week wait was torture (who am I kidding, every two week wait is torture!) and ended with my cycle starting right on time. We were crushed, but we knew it was a long shot for it to work the first try. We picked ourselves back up and got ready for round two. The cycle of hope and disappointment has continued multiple times over the last two years. We’ve tried most everything we can afford to make our IUI cycles more likely to succeed but have yet to have those two beautiful pink lines come up on a pregnancy test. We’ve changed RE’s, we’ve changed donors, eating habits you name it we’ve tried it and unfortunately we’ve gotten nowhere.

We walked in The Race to Parenthood last year and were so moved by all of the love and support in the air. At that very moment we decided that if things still did not work before the next application period we wanted to apply. We were absolutely thrilled when we got the e-mail that we had been chosen for this incredible event! If doctor approved and if we can scrape up the rest of the funding, we plan to proceed with IVF, if not we will begin the process of adoption.

We’ve been blessed with lots of family members and friend’s children being a big part our lives, but we cannot wait to have a child of our own. No matter how a child comes into our family, we will be the luckiest people on Earth. We already have such a great and loving marriage, the blessing of a child is only going to add that much more to an already wonderful life.