Blue Team: The Hausers

Our Infertility Story, as told by Jennifer:

Our Story…

       William and I met in 1997 at college. As time passed we became the best of friends and soon decided to marry. In June of 1999 we took the plunge towards married life. In 2001, with our careers in place, a nice home, and a plan to start a family, we decided it was time to get started. Nearly 4 years after each month attempting to get pregnant, we saw “lines” in the spring of 2004. We were over joyed when that test strip turned to two pink lines… I screamed in disbelief.  All of our dreams had come true. The long months/years of waiting were over. We were going to have a baby! It wasn’t long before the excitement turned to tears of sadness. Unfortunately, this one was not meant for us. We miscarried about 8 weeks into the pregnancy and I wasn’t sure how I was going to put one foot in-front of the other for a while. With William’s support I regained momentum and we continued on our journey. In 2007, I graduated from registered nursing school with the objective of a better career to help support my family. We had no idea what was about to take place in our lives as we knew it.

One afternoon in January 2008, William and I came home from work to be blessed with caring for a family member in need. A 15 month-old baby boy named A.J. We would like for you to image this, two people who have wanted a child for as long as we had, went to work that morning a care free couple and went to bed that night with a 15 month old! We were asked to take A.J. until my aunt could get back on her feet. Wow! As time passed A.J. became our focus and we drifted farther from worrying about the infertility. We as “infertile” patients know the old saying from our friends and family that “if you don’t focus on having a baby and you will get one”. Well that doesn’t work for everyone. Do not mistake me, we love A.J. as our own and we are blessed each day that God chose us to raise him but it does not remove the want and desire to have a child of your own. William and I long for a child that has my eyes, and his nose.

What have we done?

Over 13 years of fertility treatments have failed. After multiple unsuccessful attempts at IUI’s, an ovarian drilling surgery last Dec., and infertility studies, the time has come for us to take the last step with IVF.  Earlier this year we started saving money for IVF because the procedure I had last Dec. 2012 to help with my severe case of PCOS was unsuccessful. At the cusp of starting our treatments my 55-year-old mother passed away suddenly at the end of May 2013. Unfortunately, she had no life insurance or money to take care of her final wishes. As her oldest child and the only family member with a savings, our IVF money took a huge hit to take care of her final preparations. Then while attempting to grieve and care for my mother’s arrangements, my husband had a freak accident with a bungee cord that ruptures the globe of his eye soon after her passing. This of course ensued to drain our savings completely with him being out of work for 2 ½ months from the accident.

Now 3 surgeries later he has lost his vision in the eye, our savings is emptied and we are not any closer to our financial goal of starting IVF. We have asked family to help, we have applied for loans, and we have attempted to sell property without any luck of accomplishment towards the financial position of starting the process. My reproductive endocrinologist feels very confident that I am a great candidate for IVF with ICS and we will have tons of good quality eggs to work with following this procedure. We just need to get there!!!! I have an indescribable need to experience the process of bringing a child of my own into the world. A child is a gift and I have sat here calmly and quietly in my life while watching many other people’s bodies allow them to have their dreams answered.

We are overjoyed and blessed to have been chosen for the Race to Parenthood and are looking forward to raising money for ourselves and others in journey. We are also excited to be able to help “scream” attention to this heartbreaking disorder called INFERTILITY!

Bring on the challenge is our motto!