Yellow Team: The Ziolkowskis

Our Story, as told by Kate:

Hello there! We’re Kate & Paul Ziolkowski and we’re Team Yellow…again.  You can read our more in-depth history under the 2014 couple bios, but here’s the basic gist of our time together.  We dated for almost exactly 3 and a half years before tying the knot on December 16, 2006.  We just celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary and for seven of those years we’ve been fighting infertility.  Some years we fought infertility harder than others.  One year we fought to save our marriage.  Several years we fought to re-find and redefine ourselves.  We’ve always fought everything together. And we’re determined to win our fight against infertility.

We did 4 IUI’s in 2009 and a fresh IVF cycle and one Frozen Embryo Transfer in 2010.  We did our second Frozen Embryo Transfer in September 2014, which ended in another chemical pregnancy.  Our first chemical pregnancy was all the way back in April 2008.  After using all our frozen embryos, we used our remaining funds from last year’s race to cover an IUI cycle using donor sperm.  This resulted in another chemical pregnancy in November 2014.

So, here we go…again.

On one hand we feel like we’re starting all over and on the other hand we feel so seasoned.  (That’s the nice way of saying we’re getting older…and occasionally…wiser!)

So many little things had to fall in place in order to make this second opportunity happen for us.

The stars had to align just right.  It’s all just so serendipitous…. And this fact is not lost on us.

We are grateful and humbly aware of the divine intervention it took to get us back into this race.

We have another year under our belts and now know that my eggs appear to have a hitch in their developing sequence.  Our next plan of action will involve either working towards doing IVF with an egg donor or pursuing embryo adoption.  We have a realistic goal in mind based off what we raised last year and that would lead to embryo adoption.  But, as a couple we also like to dream big. We like to think that the perceived impossible is very much a possibility with a lot of hard work and dedication and so, we want to leave the IVF with egg donor option on the table, too.  Although we’re saving the fostering/adoption option as a very last resort, we’re also open to that possibility, too.

It took us a few weeks to warm up to the idea of doing the Race to Parenthood again.  Not because we didn’t love every second of the 2014 race, but because we couldn’t decide if we were the 2014 failures who needed another chance or the 2014 winners because we get our second chance.

Ultimately it boils down to our hearts’ deepest desire and our ultimate goal has always been to be mommy and daddy.

The means by which we get there won’t define us.

Here’s to never ever losing sight of Hope!