Our Story, as told by Nicole:

Jon and I met in 2009. We were married in April of 2011. We waited until we had bought a home to start our family. So July 2012 I had my birth control arm implant removed. We were all set! My mother was super fertile, having gotten pregnant several times on birth control. My mother-in-law having had five boys just by, seemingly, looking at her husband. Plus as teens we were always told “You can get pregnant even if it’s your first time.” So naturally we assumed that our path to parenthood would be a short one. Me being the planner and deal seeker, I started looking for deals on baby items. I immediately found a crib, and a car seat for our future child. As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, and months to a year we found ourselves without a child. So we began seeking help.


We started working with a fertility specialist. After several tests we found that Jon did not make enough sperm to make it to my eggs. So we tried multiple IUIs, and clomid, and shots. None of which worked. We then started looking for other options. We tried other fertility clinics. We even tried Jon on clomid to help boost his sperm count, which it did a little. So we tried more IUIs, which did not work. We then tried to get into a study in which the cost of a round of IVF would be significantly decreased. But through a clerical mishap we were given hope that we could do the study but then our hopes were dashed when we found out that we did not in fact qualify. Talk about heartbreaking.


Meanwhile, Jon and I tried to carry on with our normal life. Being members of the LDS Church we are bombarded by couples having babies all around us. As well as people asking us when we plan to make our own family. To which I respond, “We have been trying for x amount of years and it’s not for lack of trying.” I feel the sting of childlessness greatly as family members have baby after baby. It seems everyone around us gets pregnant without even trying. I no longer attend baby showers or even visit with close friends with young children. It’s just too painful. Church is often too painful as well, there are just so many babies. I tried to start blogging about how great it is to not have children. But for us getting to eat chocolate cake for dinner and sleeping in on Saturdays is just not a good substitute for the child our souls craves.


My husband is a piano teacher, I am a special education teacher. Our insurance does not cover any of the cost for fertility treatments. We have tried doing a gofundme campaign for treatments. We were able to get some money but it did not cover enough of the cost of the treatments we needed. We were at the end of our treatment line and option line when it came to having a baby. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a featured couple in this year’s race to parenthood 5k. This opportunity has given us the hope we thought we had lost many years ago. We are looking forward to being able to start our IVF treatments.


Thank you so much to everyone that has helped support our efforts thus far and we look forward to seeing you all at the race.
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