r6-1Purple Team: The Sheltons

Our Story, as told by Starr:

When I met my husband I was suffering from a traumatic brain injury. I was in a really bad accident 6 months prior to meeting him. Because of the accident I lost my job, was forced to quit nursing school, and almost lost my house, the one place I could call home. At this time in my life I felt so lost, everything I had and worked so hard for was being taken away. Just when you think all is lost, my prayers were answered, he sent me the man I now call my husband.

My husband took me on at my worst and believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. He helped me recover not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. It has been 3 years since my accident, and in that 3 years, I was able to finish nursing school, get a job working as a nurse, and save my house. I owe it all to my husband for pushing and believing in me.

Since then, we have gotten married and have talked about wanting have a family of our own. So we started trying, and after about 6 months we had no luck. We set up a doctors appointment with our primary care doctor and discussed our concerns, who then referred us to a fertility doctor, Dr. Tidy and Dr.Shah . They first drew labs to see if my hormones were out of the norm. Labs came back normal. Then they scheduled me for an ultra sound and a dye study to see if my fallopian tubes were patent. Went for the ultra sound, the ultra sound showed I had a heart shaped uterus, not to concerning. The dye study showed both tubes were dilated and not patent, which means no egg could get down the fallopian tubes to become fertilized , and recommended me to have surgery. Me and my husband talked and agreed to have the surgery. The surgery lasted about 4 hours. After surgery we received the news that the surgery was unsuccessful and that there was nothing they can do for the tubes, and stated that we needed to consider an alternative route, like IVF. We started to gather information about IVF to get a full understanding of what we were going to getting ourselves into. After all the reading and research we decided to try IVF. Our insurance did not cover any part of IVF, so we had to go to the bank and try to get a personal loan, which we were approved for.

So the process began, we were so excited. We went through all the lab draws, hormone injections, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer, and it was unsuccessful. It was very devastating when we found out, and the worse part is we didn’t have any embryos that could have been frozen to try again. We had 11 eggs during egg retrieval, 7 fertilized, and only 2 embryos made it to day 3, when they did the egg transfer.

We wanted to try again but financially have not been able to do so. My husband has been such an amazing supporter and continues to be here for me through out this journey. He is an army vet and has served 2 tours to Iraq, he is truly the better half of me and I am very happy to have him, and call him my hero. If there was one thing I could do for my husband it would be to have a family that we can call our own. It’s so nice to know we are not alone and I have the deepest sympathy for others that are going trough what we are going through. I also would like to thank everyone for taking time to read our story <3