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Orange Team: The Herndons

Our Infertility Story, as told by Tanya:

Patrick and I started dating February 12, 2011 after a mutual friend introduced us. We quickly fell in love with one another and knew it was more than just a teenage romance. Six months after we started dating Patrick accepted a job in Richmond. I was left to decide if I wanted a long distance relationship or if I was ready to leave my old life behind. I decided to pack up and move three hours away…..and the journey began.

Five months later Patrick proposed to me. It was a short engagement lasting only nine months. We knew marriage was what we wanted and did not want to wait long. On October 6, 2012 we married in small town called Altavista, VA.

Two weeks after we were married I was scheduled to have a surgery with my OB/GYN which led to me needing to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (My fertility specialist). After two opinions from two different doctors on April 18, 2013 I had my Fallopian tubes removed. So now our only option to conceive a baby is through In Vitro Fertilization due to my appendix rupturing at age 6. Three surgeries later left me with lots of scar tissue on my fallopian tubes causing me to be infertile. So that’s where you come in!!!!

We want nothing more than to have a baby on our own! We have dreamed of having a baby early in marriage, but kind of had a little setback. So we are asking to help make our dream become a reality either by donating to our cause and/or prayers. We need lots and lots of prayers!!!

Becoming parents is something we have always wanted to do! Who could pass up the smiles of some tiny human being that you can say came from you. We have never asked anyone for financial help and this has not been an easy decision. However, starting a family is very dear to us and nothing will stop us from getting there.

– You can read more about Tanya and Patrick’s infertility journey by visiting their blog Hope for Baby H.


Update September 2015: The Herndon twins are here! On September 2, 2015, Aiden Patrick was born at 7:09 weighing 5 lbs 4 oz and Weston Michael was born at 7:07 weighing 6 lbs 0.4 oz!