r4-1Orange Team: Kristen and Chris Powell

Our Story, as told by Kristen: Chris and I met about five and half years ago while working in a restaurant. We quickly became very close friends. I saw something in him that I had been needing in my life for quite sometime. He was always there to listen and to make me laugh. I felt so comfortable with him even when I was being silly. We stayed really close friends for six months until we became official….read more



r6-1Purple Team: Starr and Coatney Shelton

Our Story, as told by Starr: When I met my husband I was suffering from a traumatic brain injury. I was in a really bad accident 6 months prior to meeting him. Because of the accident I lost my job, was forced to quit nursing school, and almost lost my house, the one place I could call home. At this time in my life I felt so lost, everything I had and worked so hard for was being taken away. Just when you think all is lost, my prayers were answered, he sent me the man I now call my husband….read more



r5-1Yellow Team: Ryan and Jason Stewart

Our Story, as told by Ryan: Jason and I met online through Roomates.com when we were both looking for a roommate in Roanoke, VA. When we initially met, we discovered that we had many things in common and we hit it off right away. Though we didn’t officially become roommates, we dated for around a year, moved to Richmond, and got married at a beautiful winery on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We laugh that we became “roommates for life!”….read more



r1-1Green Team: Jessica and Chris Barnes

Our Story, as told by Jessica: Chris and I are high school sweethearts. In 2002, we met in study hall when Chris was a sophomore and I was a freshman. We became friends and quickly started dating. From early in our relationship, we talked about what we wanted in life: marriage, education, children. I shared a desire to adopt, because some of my cousins were adopted as infants and toddlers. Chris was inspired by my wish to adopt, but we both agreed that adoption would be in our future….read more



r2-1Red Team: Josh and Justin Hurley-Sheets

Our Story, as told by Josh: When I moved to Richmond about 10 years ago, I was looking on MySpace for some people that could be new friends (embarrassing, right?) Fortunately, I came across Justin’s MySpace page and I immediately became enamored; he seemed like the most interesting person I had ever seen! The only problem was that I did not know how to ask him out for a date. Finally, after I got up my courage, I did it; I asked the man of my dreams to go out to dinner….read more