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Pink Team: The Nixons

Our Infertility Story, as told by Jenn:

Infertility has been the unexpected catalyst for so many positive moments in our lives. In 2007, when Brad and I first began our journey to parenthood, we never imagined that our reproductive short-comings would evolve into the much suggested “blessing in disguise”.

On June 6, 2012, after 5 years of “trying”, we decided to seek medical intervention with a visit to our reproductive endocrinologist. That same month, we started our first cycle of IUI. Third time was a charm, and we became pregnant in September 2012.

Each day of my pregnancy had me holding my breath a little less and smiling a little more. We found out we were having a little girl who we would name, Molly Grace. Unfortunately, during a 16 ½ week ultrasound, they discovered that Molly’s heart had stopped beating. Little did we know that this loss would be my saving.

Shortly after my D&E surgery, it was discovered that I have a myriad of previously unknown heart issues which had caused my cardiac function to suffer. Had that particular pregnancy progressed, my condition would have worsened. I will never meet the little girl whose heart stopped beating to save my own, but that miscarriage and my experience with infertility may have kept me alive.

The past 12 months have been filled with cardiac ablations, echocardiograms, and doctor’s appointments galore. At this point, I thought that we’d be in the throes of fertility treatments, but instead we are in the midst of surgeries and procedures to help my heart function improve. My doctors have recommended that we consider alternative options to parenthood. There is concern that my heart couldn’t handle a pregnancy without complications, and so we have decided to pursue gestational surrogacy.

It has been over 6 years now since we first started off on our road to baby. Even with this recent bump, I am confident that my experience with infertility has been a positive one. It is what inspired me to start writing my blog, Tricky and Peep, so I could share our journey with Infertiles and Fertiles alike. I also joined a local infertility support group, and it was from meeting so many couples who struggled with how to pay for their fertility treatments and adoption processes, that I founded The Race to Parenthood.

I could never say infertility was a bad thing, not even close. In fact infertility has been the greatest blessing of all. It has provided so many amazing opportunities; it has led me to new friends, and even given me a way to give back to our community. It is my hope that The Race to Parenthood organization is able to provide a financial boost to those who struggle with how to fund their parenthood paths. One day, very soon I just know we will all find our happy ending.

You can read more about Jenn and Brad’s infertility journey by visiting their blog Tricky and Peep.


Update July 2015: The Nixons had one unforgettable independence day! Zoë Grace Nixon was born on July 4th weighing 9lbs 9oz! Jenn and Brad are loving every minute with baby Z!